About us

We are a small team of independent freelancers who work together remotely, from all around the globe. Perhaps working one hour a week, perhaps 30 or more, our freedom is not only in our respective locations but also in our time commitments. There are a little less than 20 of us in the team, putting together creative projects that inform, hopefully inspire, and adhere to our philosophy of sustainability.

Sustainability is a flexible concept, and one we are constantly adapting depending the project at hand. Respect, humanity, fun and a small footprint are guiding lights for us. We do not hope to change the world, although that would be nice. We strive to offer some small piece of awareness to our friends on this fragile and precious little planet we all call home.

Travel has always been an ongoing theme in our work. Not necessarily geographical locations crossed off a list, but instead sharing knowledge. Gaining some insight into where we come from and appreciating an insight into where we are now. Raising the collective consciousness in some way, although perhaps that is too grandiose. Simply extending a hand of friendship, in a world that is too quick to raise a hand in anger.

Yoga and Ayurveda have become special interests of ours. These are two ways to understand yourself, and your small role in a much greater story. We're not limited to these topics though. The entrepreneurial spirit is nourished in our team, and any ideas that contribute positivity and knowledge to the world are warmly heard.

Our work is driven by non-commercial ideals, but it is not non-profit. We strive to make a living from our projects, and to help others do the same. Thanks for visiting us, and remember to tread lightly on whichever part of Earth you are walking today.