Himalayan Village Project
Category: culture project

In 2006 professional photographer Coni Hörler spent two months photographing 100 remote Himalayan villagers in their homes and at work. The photographs were developed and framed in Bangalore and given back to the people of the village. The walls of each home now holds photos of the family within.

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The children in these photographs will grow. The images and memories they leave behind will continue to build a bridge between cultures and generations. The pure happiness and fun of the project cannot be denied - each time Coni appeared, the village children would begin the call: The picture man is coming, the picture man is coming.

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This is an example of Earth.org’s vision of responsible travel. The Himalayan Village Project not only broadened the personal horizons of Coni Hörler, it also enriched the village with an exchange of creativity, experience, knowledge and culture.

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